How to build an MVP that raises money for your mobile app?

By Udit Agarwal


Building a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) is crucial in launching a successful mobile app and attracting potential investors. An MVP allows you to validate your app idea, gather user feedback, and demonstrate the app’s potential to investors. This article will explore the steps to build an MVP that raises money for your mobile app.

Define Your App’s Core Features:

Start by identifying the key features that define the core functionality of your app. Focus on the parts that provide unique value to users and differentiate your app from competitors. Prioritise the essential features for the app’s functionality and user experience.

Conduct Market Research:

Thoroughly research your target market to understand your potential users’ needs, preferences, and pain points. Analyse existing apps in your niche to identify gaps and opportunities. This research will help refine your app’s features and ensure it caters to market demand.

Create a Prototype:

Utilize wireframing or prototyping tools to create a visual design of your app’s user interface and flow. The prototype should showcase the core features and user journey of your app. This will help potential investors visualise the app’s concept and functionality.


Focus on User Experience:

User experience is critical to the success of your app and attracting investors. Design an intuitive and user-friendly interface that offers a seamless and enjoyable experience. Incorporate user feedback and iterate on your design to refine the user experience.

Build a Functional MVP:

Develop a functional MVP with the core features identified earlier. The MVP should provide users with a basic app version demonstrating its value proposition. Keep the MVP simple and focused on minimising development time and costs.

Test and Gather User Feedback:

Launch your MVP to a group of early adopters or beta testers. Encourage them to provide feedback on the app’s usability, features, and overall experience. Gather quantitative and qualitative data to understand user behaviour and preferences. Use this feedback to identify areas for improvement and refine your app’s value proposition.

Demonstrate Market Traction:

To attract investors, it is crucial to demonstrate market traction for your app. Gather metrics such as user engagement, retention rates, and user feedback to showcase the app’s potential for success. Highlight any positive user testimonials or case studies that validate the app’s value and impact.

Develop a Compelling Pitch Deck:

Create a compelling pitch deck that showcases your app’s potential to investors. Include information about the problem you are solving, your target market, the competitive landscape, your unique value proposition, and your team’s expertise. Use visual elements, market research data, and user feedback to support your claims.


Engage with Potential Investors:

Identify potential investors in your app’s niche or industry. Attend industry events, pitch competitions, and networking events to connect with investors. Leverage your network and seek introductions to relevant investors. Share your pitch deck and MVP with investors to generate interest and secure funding.

Iterate and Improve:

Based on user feedback and investor interactions, iterate on your MVP to enhance its functionality, scalability, and performance. Continuously refine your app based on user needs and market trends. This iterative process will strengthen your app’s value proposition and increase its chances of securing funding.

Bottom Line

In conclusion, building an MVP that raises money for your mobile app involves defining core features, conducting market research, creating a prototype, focusing on user experience, developing a functional MVP, gathering user feedback, demonstrating market traction, creating a compelling pitch deck, engaging with potential investors, and iterating on your app based on feedback. Following these steps can increase the chances of attracting investors and securing the necessary funding to take your mobile app to the next level.

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