Building a Real-Time Web Application with WebSockets and Node.js

May 3, 2023

WebSockets are a powerful technology that enables real-time communication between a web client and a server. This article explains building a real-time web app with WebSockets and Node.js. Setting up a Node.js server The first step in building a real-time web application with WebSockets…

An Overview of Containerization and Docker

May 2, 2023

Before taking the overview of containerization and Docker, let us understand deeply about Docker. Docker is the containerization platform that fulfills the role of packaging the application and all its dependencies together. Containers ensure seamless application functionality in any environment by packaging and managing…

Top 8 Growing Trends in Blockchain Technology for 2023

April 28, 2023

Blockchain trends are constantly evolving and shaping the future of the technology landscape. A new wave of the Internet, or so-called web 3.0, based on emerging blockchain technology, is approaching ahead of schedule. It gathers supporters worldwide by offering decentralization, data security, and online…

Improve PostgreSQL performance

April 27, 2023

Setting up the database correctly is essential for tuning PostgreSQL performance. At the time of including a table and query you run, your databases require maintenance and up gradation to ensure ideal PostgreSQL optimization. PostgreSQL optimization is straightforward, but the database admin must know…

Understanding OAuth2 Authentication in Web Applications

April 24, 2023

The OAuth2 authorization framework enables users to grant permission to an application to interact with another on their behalf without revealing their encrypted password. It can also be called open authorization 2. Access tokens enable the access to third-party services without exposing user credentials.…

An Introduction To Serverless Architecture And Its Use Cases

April 21, 2023

Serverless architecture is an approach that is helps build applications without keeping the fact consideration of servers and infrastructure. Cloud providers like Alibaba Cloud manage all server management for available applications and services. You need not worry about providing, maintaining, or scaling your applications…

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