Why Flutter is the Best Option For Mobile App Development?

By Udit Agarwal


Mobile applications are now a part of our daily routines. Initially, native app development created mobile apps, but cross-platform application development has propelled the industry forward. Cross-platform app development offers a time-saving and cost-effective alternative to native app development. 

Google’s Flutter drives cross-platform app development and has earned the trust of brands such as BMW, Alibaba.com, eBay, and more.

What do you mean by Flutter?

Google created Flutter, an open-source toolkit. The use of Flutter is to develop applications for iOS, Android, web, and desktop (Linux, Mac, Windows) from a single codebase.

Flutter Development

Flutter aims to compete with Facebook’s React Native. Flutter has gained popularity in developing immersive applications for mobile and web apps along with desktop and embedded apps. You can easily create cross-platform native apps for both iOS and Android with Flutter. Irrespective of devices like mobile, wearable, laptop, smart TVs, and many more. Flutter gives a seamless experience across every viewing device.

The reason behind the increasing demand and popularity of the Flutter mobile apps in the market is the ease of the Flutter that captivates users’ attention with its properties like unified animation, top-notch performance, faster time to market, and affordability.

Open Source

Flutter is an open-source code software development toolkit gifted by Google. It is a tool used to develop cross-platform apps. This feature consequently helps Flutter programmers to learn and grow with the ever-changing population of developers who actively contribute to the platform. It boosts the coder’s effectiveness, efficiency, and productivity, saving time and cost for the project.

Single Codebase

The Flutter framework streamlines cross-platform app development by enabling a single codebase for iOS and Android, saving time and effort and cutting down on development time and cost. You can even hire dedicated flutter app developers in India.

Flutter Development

Dart As Programming Language

Flutter uses Dart, an object-oriented language, to build apps. Dart boasts a standard library and includes features like generics, garbage collection, strong typing, and async-awaits. Dart, a language similar to Java that incorporates elements from other programming languages, makes app development easier for developers with its reactive approach.

Hot Reload and Development

Hot reload is the main feature of Flutter, making the development process efficient for developers, which improves developer productivity and speeds up app development, saving time and reducing costs.

Tech Community

A strong community of developers actively works to improve the functionality of Flutter. They make it easier for newcomers to enter and learn the framework. Numerous videos can help the developer in building the desired app. With all these features, anyone can effortlessly start developing an app with the help of an efficient team.

Use of Custom Widgets

Flutter offers a myriad of widgets to help developers create applications. Designing a simple user interface is quick and effortless, and creating custom widgets in Flutter.  Creating a unique UI element in Flutter adapts to different screens, resolutions, and platforms. You can even nest one component inside another for distinct functionalities.

Flutter Mobile Application

Create Apps for Mobile, Desktop, and Web

A Flutter app developer has the expertise to develop highly adaptable applications. They can create apps for six diverse platforms simultaneously, including Android, iOS, macOS, Windows, Linux, and Web.

Requires Less Testing

The fundamental feature of testing is to verify compatibility across various platforms. Flutter allows apps to use a single codebase without modification and run on multiple platforms. 


Flutter Mobile App

Flutter is a popular open-source framework for mobile app development that allows developers to build native-looking, high-performance applications for iOS and Android platforms with a single codebase. It’s known for its fast development cycle and hot reload feature, which allows developers to see changes in the app’s interface in real-time. Flutter also has a rich library of customizable widgets and plugins, and it supports both Dart and Java programming languages.

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